Strange behaviour - DHCP not working


I’ve added this source for blocklist… over 1mln lines. After few minutes ram usage jumped to 46% and DHCP stopped working. So I removed the list and everything got back to normality. What could it be?


DHCP stopped working? Do you mean DNS?


It’s about 1.76 million lines. A big list. A quick scan of the list doesn’t show any oddly formatted domains that would cause problems.

Depending how many domains you had previously in gravity, adding this block list could tax a Pi. What platform are you running your Pi-Hole on?


No, DHCP… I think the pi was too busy and unable to answer to DHCP request… maybe there’s a limit to number of blocked domain… I don’t know


Now that you have removed the large list, how many domains are being blocked?

What were the symptoms of DHCP not working?


I’ve installed Raspbian, than PiHole and PiVPN.


Original domains of PiHole… about 149k


Are you still seeing this problem? What were the symptoms of not answering a DHCP request?


No, after disabling that long list I had no more problems. However all LAN devices were unable to get an IP address. To resolve I had to put a static IP to my notebook and access pihole settings. Tailing pihole.log I saw DHCP request, offers and acks but the repeated 3-4 times and devices couldn’t actually get the assigned IP (all devices were with static DHCP leases)


have you tried this list? What’s your RPi behaviour?


If you update a debug log and post the token, we can take a look at your setup.


I have to publish the token here?
I have to debug with the list enabled or disabled?


Post the token (not the whole debug log) here. With or without the list loaded is OK. Whatever you have now.


I added the list to a Pi Zero W that had the stock seven lists loaded. Domains blocked went from 130K to 1,893K. I didn’t notice a difference in performance on that Pi. Memory usage went up to 74%, but that’s about it. That particular Pi-Hole serves my mobile devices and they all seem to work fine.

I don’t use the Pi-Holes for DHCP - my router does all that.


here it is


You are running Pi-Hole with VPN? Are all your clients receiving IP addresses in the 192.168.1.x range?

From your debug log:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Networking
[✓] IPv4 address(es) bound to the tun0 interface: does not match the IP found in /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf (

[i] Default IPv4 gateway:
   * Pinging
[✗] Gateway did not respond. (

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Setup variables


Yes, pihole with pivpn. all the clients receive the ip from pihole with no problems


If this is the case, then the DHCP function is working properly. This is the process by which IP addresses are assigned.

Are you still having a problem with Pi-Hole resolving DNS requests?


Now it works because I removed the list (disable the link I metion above) but if I enable it again DHCP stops working and assigning IP address.