Static Image Not Blocking ads on youtube (static image and others)

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Expected Behaviour:

Using MacOS, Chrome Browser and trying to configure ad-blocking on Youtube but it is not working.

Actual Behaviour:

It is not blocking the regular ads, in the video windows and not even out of the video window.
See Screenshot bellow.

I see you are new to this forum. A search for this topic will show that YouTube ads are not easily blocked by Pi-hole, since the ads are served from the same domains as the content. Pi-hole blocks at the domain level.

A long running thread on this topic:

My point here is not the video ads, it is ad served by other domains, if you look on the screenshot I shared it is not reference for the video ads but to the banners (display ads) on the page.

Use these tools:

You may also want to verify that DoH is disabled in your Chrome browser.
DoH will use the HTTPS port and thus bypass Pi-hole (or any other DNS filter).

No that didn't do the job either

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