Split admin content and menu to scroll separately

Maybe because I am new, but when I am looking at stuff on the Admin page, it is a bit annoying that it isn't split where shown in the picture below.

Because I select something from the left side and it opens to the right.
As I scroll that part the left side also scrolls.

Not a big deal, but as the left is more a Menu of options available and the right is an expansion of that: the two aren't really associated.
So having them scroll at the same time is .... confusing.

Open a Feature Request for using frames in the admin layout please.

Posts here in General get overlooked.

Ah, sorry. Ok.

No need to open a new post, I have converted this one.

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Please don't use frames. They make accessibility for disabled (screenreader, etc.) a lot harder because the screenreader has difficulties to distinguish the intended order of the frames.

I don't think this is possible at all without major changes


The rub for me is I scroll down the menu (left) and click the entry.
The whole screen jumps back up to the top.

If I am working my way down, when I want to go to the next item, I have to scroll down to get back to where I was before.

Just saying.

Curious as to what resolution you're working with. 1920x1980 1920x1080 here and I don't have to scroll very much at all.

Also curious as to what the use case here would be for working your way down the list (other than to explore on an initial install), does one not generally just go to the page they need, and then leave?

edit: I'm an idiot

In my dreams.
Australia has only just discovered electricity.

1360 x 768 I think it is.

But looking at that resolution:
1920 x 1980 that is a vertical screen...... Nearly square, but definitely not 16 x 9 aspect ratio.


I'm an idiot, Sorry, I typed it wrong! Should be 1920x1080

For an Aussie, you may want to try cheating :wink: Zoom to 70% and everything will/should/might fit :wink:

Ah, well I am only doing 768 lines. I can't complain the monitor is a salvaged flatscreen tv that was being thrown out.