Spamassassin URIBL access not working through Pihiole

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Expected Behaviour:

URIBL lookup works, testing it with “host -tTXT

Actual Behaviour:

Returns: descriptive text “ -> Query Refused. See for more information [Your DNS IP: xx.xx.xx.xx]”

Debug Token:

If I take pihole out of the loop, then the URIBL test works.

What is the expected response? Are you using any lists other than stock or any added blocks?

No, just a few whitelisted URLs to allow some web pages to work.

The answer to the test should be : descriptive text “permanent testpoint”

Note that the request is not being blocked by Pihole, but URIBL is responding to the request by blocking/denying it.

Using stock lists on my local install here results in:

host -tTXT descriptive text "permanent testpoint"

I think you will need to contact URIBL and see why you are getting a denial.

I also tested the link with more than the original block lists, and also received the correct response:

host -tTXT descriptive text "permanent testpoint"

Here’s a link to a solution which adds code to the pihole system which causes any requests to URIBL to bypass pihole. I can confirm that this seems to work a treat:,54051.msg282204.html#msg282204

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