Sort DHCP leases by IP and store sort order

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I'm sorry for my bad English :-(, but I'll try maybe you'll understand me.

So far, I have used a DHCP server on my main DSL cable router with OS DD-WRT. And I would like to switch to DHCP Pi-Hole. But I tried it and can I sort or move IP addresses arbitrarily over time?

As I mean it. I will make a static list of devices, for example from the addresses .0.10 - 0.20 and in the course of the year I will replace some devices or I will want to move the mac address to another IP address. I mean free scrolling between lines.

I didn't understand why if I add the IP address number 1.3, then why it doesn't move up completely in the list, but it's somewhere between the lines until I press the address sorting. After refreshing the F5 page, the sort will return as you can see on the screen :frowning:

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.. because the default sorting is for MAC addresses in the first column.

Aaah, that didn't really occur to me. And can I change it somehow or do I always have to click on sorting manually?

Seems like it is not stored in the borwser's local sorage at the moment - so you have to click manually each time.

See here


Will be included in v5.1

I would like the list to be displayed by default sorted by IP address. I think it makes more sense.

I will ask. Can I set it up manually for now: sort by IP address from the lowest number to the largest? Or should I wait for the update in which it will be implemented?

You can set it up manually at the moment by clicking on the sorting icon for IP. But you have to do it again after you left the page.

The fix will store your selection so you don't have to do it again next time you visit the page.

You can close this feature request because it is included in the other feature request.

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Super thank you very much. I understood :slight_smile:

Implemented in v5.1