Some queries from client not showing in log or being blocked, while others do?

Hi, I've recently moved and am using CenturyLink fiber internet. I was able with some effort to ditch the 'modem' (router) they gave me and use my own router. I have Pi-hole set up and it works to some extent but I notice it isn't blocking or even showing queries from a client to certain websites. It shows some but not all. I think it may be due to ipv6 (6rd) which is used by CenturyLink and when I disable it on my router it drops my internet completely. I'm not sure why ipv6 would cause this issue though maybe it does. Here is my token:

One of the two ipv6 addresses does match what's in the config file so I'm at a loss.

Thanks for any assistance!


Then they seem evade the Pihole. Maybe over IPv6, you are right.

Not good. Maybe you have an IPv6-only Internet connection? Does your router hand out IPv4 addresses via DHCP? Maybe there is a routing issue with your IPv4 setup and Internet access only still works at all because the clients are able to use IPv6 instead. When you disable IPv6, they are only facing a broken IPv4 network and cannot do anything. Caution: Some wild guessing is involved here!