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Expected Behaviour:

Block ad.

Actual Behaviour:

I’ve just cleaned the whitelist/blacklist and now somehow my swedish news sites does not block ads anymore and I can’t see in the query what’s been forwarded and not - I might think this is because I’m using cloudflares DOH service, not sure tho, how does one track down ads best way?
This is the sites I’ve tested most recently





Some of the countermeasures the news sites are using now are rendering the ads on their sites servers and passing them though as normal content. There is no way for pi-hole to intercept these types of pass though ads.

I assume other sites are being blocked just fine and are logged. If your comments are correct and you are not seeing any activity in the log on the pi-hole for the DNS lookup for the ads for these two sites this is probably the case.



They do get blocked when using uBlock tho.
What I mean is since I use cloudflare dns over https, it’s using the cache to forward the dns and that’s why it’s not being seen in the query tab.



I use DOH though Cloudflare on the pi-hole. DNS configured for my devices comes from the pi-hole’s DHCP server which forces them to use the pi-hole DNS service. All traffic is logged in this configuration on the pi-hole.

Where did you configure the DOH service?



Okay, that’s weird. I did follow this guide:

Did you try any of the sites I posted, do you get the same result as me, ads appear?



I will try when I get home. But I used the same guide. Also there was a post on these forums that when using this configuration make sure you turn off DNSSEC in case you may have configured to use this before the configuration change.



This is not the case. Regardless of what your upstream DNS server has in cache, the query will be shown in your query log and in /var/log/pihole.log



I tested all three of the sites and all the advertisements appeared to be blocked and the DNS lookups were all in my logs. I would suggest you look at the computer / device you are using. Make sure the DNS settings on that device is pointing to the pi-hole address.



Thank you both guys, I’d whitelist some nasty vortex.micrsoft, blacklisted that and a few other. Adblock is now functional on all sites I sent in the OP.

I’ll keep an eye with the pihole -t and chrome extension in the future for nasty ads.

You can close this issue.


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