[SOLVED] Edit the DHCP hostnames of the unknowns

When the Pihole DHCP server serves up an address to certain devices the hostname is listed as unknown. I can tell from the MAC what device it is but there's no way to edit the hostname using the GUI and I don't know enough about the file system to know where to edit the table that is created.

It would be great if there was a way to edit the hostname from the interface and to ensure that the name remained with the device should the same device/MAC happen to receive another IP address.

Until an interface change can be made, is there a file that I can edit to set the hostname?

does this help?

Solved my issue completely, thank you!

I didn't notice the text at the bottom, but this is just what I needed. I was using the clipboard icon on each entry in the Currently Active list to add the unknowns to the Static Leases list but the name I added didn't actually change the name in the Currently Active list. By leaving out the IP address it solves this problem.

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