Smart TV, Sony KDL-48WD650


I have pi-hole setup on a pi-zero. Works good. My router points to the pi (dns) so all devices in my network use pi-hole for dns-requests.

However, when i tell my smart tv that the router is the dns-server then the NOS-app (an app native to the tv) will not show the latest NOS-news-broadcast (every newsbroadcast is preceded by an add). The add doesn’t show (which is good) but the app will not start showing the news-video.

Can this be fixed?


Probably you will have to allow this ad, then. Look into your Query Log to identify which page to whitelist.


This article is aimed at blacklisting but is also useful for debugging issues like this:


@Pakikje, if you do find the domains needed, please consider adding them to the list of commonly whitelisted domains so others can benefit from your findings. And let us know in this thread if you find a solution.


On a Samsung smart TV, the app shows the same issue. It is actually trying to reach before playing the video and not reaching this page causes the app not to function.

Would there be a way to deliver an empty add as a response to the request from a local webserver?


It already returns an empty response. If it is going through https though, there will be a certificate error.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll have a closer look than. To be fair, I’m running Pi-Hole on a Synology NAS installed using the NAS’s own DNS server app.

I’ll follow a different guide to setup pi-hole completely and see if this solves the problem. However, given the questions of the original poster, I assume that indeed there is some sort of verification of certificates going on.


With Pi-Hole properly setup (not using Synology’s own DNS, but really Pi-Hole) still no luck. The TV app tries to access first and when that fails it tries Both are Pi-holed and then the app returns an error.