Smart TV blocking with client?

This is kind of a goofy question, but is there a way to block on a smart TV? I don’t see DNS outings on my device, but I have the rhcp running through pihole. Should this be blocking the ads?

I know it’s probably a no, but just figured I’d ask, as all my previous televisions had a way to manually enter IP information, and make it static…

Presuming my alterations cortrectlilily(!) :wink: fix typos, then yes, ads should be blocked in principle.

As always, the exact amount of ads getting filtered depends on the blocking lists you configured in Pi-hole.

I am aware of two lists that specialise in TVs, both sourced from WaLLy3k’s Blocklist collection:

However, some SmartTV brands are notorious for ignoring local DNS configuration and consult their own DNS servers, meaning you would still see ads.

Hence, I have resorted to fencing my TV into a separate WLAN where I redirect all port 53 traffic to Pi-hole.

Note that you quite likely will cripple many if not most of your SmartTV’s online features. It is okay for me that way, since I do not ever use them, but that’s a personal choice - your preferences will likely differ :wink:

Thanks much. I wil try the two lists. And typos with cell keyboards… ugh…