simple setup for modem

hi there,

i have been here before (i think greater than 6 months ago) had a siezure since then, hence the long reply).

a lot can change in 6 months with pi hole, i definately want it for my modem (a netcomm device)

i don’t think or see as well as i use to, can you please tell me the easiest/less hassle set up i can do? or if someone can sell me something set up, i would really appreciate it. (obviously it would be more expensive)

any help would be appreciated

Hello and welcome back.

Here is the reply to your previous question, asking the same:


hi, thanks for the reply, i really appreciate it ramset, i remember previously it was a bit complicated for me (and i am sure everyone here makes it as simple as possible). i was surprised it was August (definately after my seizure).
hopefully i can make sense of it, will re-look at the links.
Thanks again, sorry for the confusion…

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hmm can i post a picture… i dont think so… update gives - inrelease; changed its; ‘suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’

looked here but they were telling people to wait…

hang on, maybe it is doing an update, as i am living in WA and it is just after 1pm?

i have raspberry 4 B, time is correct - not sure about date, live in WA Australia so 12 hours difference from the US, bought the SD card already formatted (not sure if that makes a diff)

any help thanks