Show the blocking blacklist(s)

I think it would be a nice feature to see which blocklist(s) blocks a query in the web interface.
Maybe a mouse over or a little popup, If possible.

It could be helpful while troubleshooting when analyzing if one has a lot of blacklists.

Because the info can be seen on the pi-hole blockpage anderen via CLI it should be possible to implement.

You can use the query adlists function on the web interface to see this.

The better solution would be if the "piholed" information as a link would lead to a query with a parameter for the concrete DNS call.

Can you explain this? I do not understand what you are trying to say. If you mean showing what caused a domain to be blocked on the block page, that is already being done.

I'm sorry my explanation was incomprehensible. Next try..

"piholed" can be read in the "Status" column. This status can be implemented as a button in the same way as "whitelist" in the "Action" column. The difference is that a query is processed which blacklist triggered the hit.
In this respect, this would be an abbreviation for the workflow

  1. copy domain name
  2. change to Tools--> Query Lists
  3. paste into the search box
  4. press search button

Closing as duplicate in favor of

Votes are released. If you still support the idea, pleas vote over there.

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