Show more than one group in the group membership popups

When viewing a client, blacklist, or domain, The group membership widget will either display the name of 1 group, or it will tell you the number of groups selected. It would be very helpful if it would actually give you the names of the groups when there are more than one.

E.g., instead of "3 selected" It would be preferable to see "(3) Group1, Group2, Group3".
Or, if the list really is too long, then truncate with an ellipsis "(6) Group1, Group2, Group3, Group4, Gro..."

Seems like it would be a localized change.

This information is immediately available if you click the group assignment box. Are you proposing to expand what is shown when that box is not clicked?



Yep, exactly.

You can currently get the information, but it requires you to one at a time, click on each group you wish to see. The information is there, it's just hidden by default.

Here is what I currently see in my clients list. It is somewhat hard to make sense of at a glance:

You may find that running a debug log will give you the best overview of both group membership and your other feature request for blocklists and groups. The V5 debug log has a nice layout of clients, groups, domains and adlists in tabular format, all on one screen.

There isn't all that much space available. You may be looking at the page on a large computer, however, we have to find a responsive design that also fits nicely on a phone display. This is also why tooltips are mostly useless. We're always open for suggestions.

@jfb That's very interesting and useful! It would be great to get some of this info into the web UI.
Until then, it is good to have a fallback like this. I appreciate the pointer.
My other FR was about using the "query list" feature to lookup a domain to see if it is in any blocklists. Does that show group info on the console as well?

@DL6ER I agree, space is going to be an issue. It makes sense to truncate to fill the available space. Even on a small display, showing "(6) Group1, G..." is more useful than just "6 selected", since it at least tells you the name of one of the groups.