Sharing and aggregating Top Blocked Domains?

I had an idea for a Pi-Hole feature. In the web UI there’s a little panel that shows which domains are most blocked on your network. Here’s what mine looks like:

What if the clients could optionally share their list of Top Blocked Domains, so there was sort of a “global leaderboard” of the most commonly blocked domains out there, maybe fastest rising newly blocked domains, things like that?

It’d be a way of building collective intelligence on problem domains, perhaps?

And on the opposite side, if some domains are basically never blocked, they could be dropped from the lists over time as useless or ineffective, so the domain block lists could be kept cleaner?

On the face of it, it looks like a good idea. But I have some concerns for back end issues. As a project we avoid collecting anything that is identifiable from users so having a global aggregation of domains seems like it could be gamed by bad actors that want certain domains to be listed high. The only way I can think of countering that requires some kind of unique id that would tie back to users to be able to remove bad actors or limit user contributions. That, for me, is a non-starter.