Setup pihole using rootless podman and ansible


just wanted to spend a minute to share my setup here, if it would help anyone. I run my containers rootless on Fedora IoT host, small linux distro good for e.g. home automation. I use systemd to manage the pihole as a service, including container automatic updates. So if you are into automatizing stuff, perhaps you find this ansible playbook useful.

If you clone the repo, you can run it using:

ansible-playbook -i fediot.homenet, -b -e container_state=running run-container-pihole-podman.yml

It will create you the pihole user, and sets the user with the systemd setup to spin up the pihole at each boot. It also pulls the latest pihole daily.

to get rid of it, do:
ansible-playbook -i fediot.homenet, -b -e container_state=absent run-container-pihole-podman.yml

The playbook might needs some extra vars, like container data directories, domain and timezone and upstream dns.

I hope this is useful for someone, I find the pihole very nice and this playbook a handy way to run it.

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