Setup pi-hole + personal domain

I deployed pi-hole on linode. Currently I am using this with wireguard. I purchased a domain from Google domain. I want to use my pi-hole setup as dns over https.:

Pi-hole v5.15.3. FTL v5.20.1. Web Interface v5.18.3:

i installed it via a YouTube guide video. Using it as it is:

No video or links are present in your post. The general steps would be in Google Domains to edit your domain's DNS to point it at Linode, or edit its nameservers to use Linode nameservers (check with Linode on the correct approach for their services), then ensure any relevant certificates, keys or config entries are working with your domain name rather than a Linode name or IP, and then re-check that Pi-hole is definitely not accessible to the general public and may only be accessed by you via your VPN configuration.

What is the question or problem?

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