Set list entries for Browser-View to another value for default


i am using pihole
Pi-hole v5.1.1 Web Interface v5.1 FTL v5.1
on rPi4 with raspian buster.

In default-Settings, all lists show 10 entries. When I want so see more on one page, I have to change this value each time.
Is it possible to configure another value like 100 as default?
When I close my browser, cookies + cache get deleted.

  1. Question
    How can I reload a list - f. ex. query log - without losing Filters i have set before?
    F5 doesnt work.


Don't block cookies and cache for the web admin GUI.

You can't. The filter is applied after all the data is loaded. Each time you refresh new data (queries) are loaded. Your filter might even not fit anymore.

is there no opportunity to set the entries-value in a config-file on serverside?

The setting is remembered in your browser cache.

You can modify your local Pi-hole code to change the default setting, but this is subject to overwrite on a Pi-hole update or repair.

where exactly do I have to change this value in my local Installation?