Set "all" as default number of entries to show in query log

Expected Behaviour:

Query log to have “all” or 100 as default number of entries

Actual Behaviour:

It defaults to 10 currently

I have posted a feature request to remember the user chosen value for this, but apparently the devs don’t see much value in this. Since it has to load the default value from somewhere, I am hoping that someone could point me in the right direction.

I can just edit it locally in my instance, I don’t really mind if a update would wipe it.

Although you did post that FR only 4 days ago, we have been keeping it in mind. We definitely want to implement it, but because we can’t work on Pi-hole full time, we are sometimes unable to implement every feature request as fast as we’d like.
The FR for context:

And to answer your question of where the default value is stored, try using this documentation in this section of the JS file:

Thanks for the reply and I apologise if my comment came across as offensive. It was the last thing in my mind.

I applaude you guys for all the hardwork everyone has put into this and I would never demand anything. Since I am new here I wasn’t sure how a new FR would be treated and just assumed that any FR of interest would be tagged as “under investigation” or something similar.

Again, no offense meant. Thanks again for all the great work. Cheers.

No offense taken :slight_smile: We’re also working on an updated web interface, and we will be able to more easily extend it once it’s ready.