SELinux support


I'm a long-time Pi-hole user, both on my home network and on a project at work. We just got a new security policy at work that requires mandatory access control on all company servers. Since we're a Red Hat shop, that would mean using SELinux on either RHEL or CentOS. Currently, one of the most common replies from developers on this forum is "have you turned SELinux off yet?", which makes me think that there is little support for it at the moment.

I have tried running Pi-hole with SELinux set to "permissive", but I don't know my way around the Pi-hole codebase well enough to have made much progress fixing the errors.

Thank you!

This thread has some info that may help you as @DanSchaper stated there.

It is possible to run in a degraded state but not reccommended. There are options available to you though

Closing as duplicate. In an later topic some inital steps towards SELinux support are made. If you support this request, please vote over there.