Seeing upstream Null results non changeable


I am running a Unbound as upstream DNS and is has also it’s own lists that could return Null ( Those are seen by Pi-hole as perfectly fine IP addresses that have the button “blacklist” available.

You can whitelist them but will not change anything because the IP still will be

So the request is to omit the button when the resolved IP is Null and comes from upstream.

The message could be “Blocked, address”


In dev is a new query type for externally blocked domains. If it makes sense, we could add this scenario to the list of indicators for externally blocked domains. @DL6ER


What is the benefit of using unbound instead of Pi-hole for the blocking?


For blocking a Pi-hole is best place to be. However when it happens, Pi-hole interpret it as a non-blocked domain.


I see. It is already on its way:


Great. :smiley: