Section for DHCP Configuration

I want to add a feature request, but, alas, cannot use that category:

DHCP - I would like to see a separate Leases Configuration in the lefthand menu under "Local DNS" if DHCP is enabled in Settings.


Local DNS
Local DHCP

The "Leases" section of DHCP under "settings", move to this new menu option.

Combine the two sections "DHCP Leases" and "Static Reservations" into ONE LIST with an indicator TTL if the lease is active (when it will be renewed). And an indicator for reservation: a "one click" toggle for setting 'reserved' or 'not reserved'. (and of course, an entry input box row to manually add a reservation)

And, an age "age of last reservation" showing how long its been since the device asked for a lease. Can be used to determine if the device is still active on the network.

When a device has requested a lease, make sure the "Local DNS" is updated automatically.

Automatically restart FTL if reservation toggle button is activated.

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