Same lists different count

Yesterday I installed Pihole on an old NUC I had sitting around. I installed a bunch of adlists and it reported 820K blocked domains.

This morning I decided that NUC was too powerful for the job and installed on an older version NUC I had sitting around. I installed exactly the same adlists but this one only shows 170K blocked domains. I'm confused why they would be different. I exported my config from the original Pihole and imported it into the new Pihole so they should essentially be identical at this point.

Any thoughts? Thanks for your time.

When you run pihole -g, what is the output? This will show you all the lists in use and the status of each retrieval.

If you previously were using lists that are no longer available on the web, Pi-hole may have been using cached copies. On your new install those cached copies of the list would not be imported.

Thanks for your time. I guess I thought rebooting would refresh everything. It didn't, but running pihile -g updated Gravity and now I see all the other domains I was expecting.

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