Safari won't finish loading certain sites after iOS 15.5 / MacOS 12.4 upgrade

Let’s please keep in mind that the Devs of Pi-Hole are doing this voluntarily and they aren’t getting a single cent for that.

Besides they are doing a tremendous job, usually way better than what is delivered by so called top global players.

Last but not least this feature / behavior had been announced:

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June 2 |

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The underlying problem here is that Pi-Hole enables 'Apple Private Relay circumvention' by default , without the people installing Pi-hole being aware of this, since they have not enabled this feature themselves.

It also inadvertently exposes the public ip address of all PR users when they switch to such a wifi network using Pi-Hole.

A mistake, in my opinion; this should only happen when you specifically opt-in. And Pi-Hole 'admins' would also be aware of what is happening when issues like these happen.