Rpi Docker Portainer PiHole and DHCP server

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Expected Behaviour:

DHCP server assigning IP addresses to all devices

Actual Behaviour:

Only one device actually assigned the address.

Debug Token:


Set up Docker on Libreelec OS. I’ve installed portainer to help me with setting up PiHole.
PiHole works quite well, and is blocking ads.
However, I’d like it to assign DHCP addresses. I’ve disabled the DHCP on the router. I’ve enabled DHCP on the PiHole.

One of the devices (connected by LAN) receives DHCP assigned info.
Others, I receive this error:
ARP-cache injection failed: Operation not permitted

Any thoughts?

I’ve found something similar here : Docker Pihole DHCP ARP-cache injection failed

However, no idea how to apply the solution - any help appreciated

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