Router keeps asking for a A record from iMac

I am having a peculiar problem, cant seem to make out what is happening.

My router is asking my iMac for an A record. No Idea why. Have attached the screenshot of the queries. Do you guys have any idea what is happening here. In the screenshot the MAC ID is of my iMac.




Apr 14 01:15:12 dnsmasq[855]: query[A] e4:ce:8f:xx:xx:xx from

Apr 14 01:15:12 dnsmasq[855]: config e4:ce:8f:xx:xx:xx is NODATA-IPv4

On the iMac, under System Preferences > Network > Advanced > TCP/IP, what is the DHCP Client ID?

Thanks, I have so far solved the issue. On the asus router interface I disabled “USB Cloud Disk”

Over to your question, there is nothing there in the DHCP Client ID in my settings, should it matter ?

No. I was just checking to see if the MAC ID had populated this field. The ID is used to name the client on the network, and it’s not required.

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