Router (Conditional Forwarding) is being used as Upstream

Problem with Beta 5.0:
Some requests are being forwarded to my router (configured as Conditional Forwarding for “.local” domains).

I noticed that this happened (right now) during the FTL upgrade, however, looking at recent queries forwarded to the router I realized that it has eventually been used as upstream.

Debug Token:

Thank you guys!

Can you provide some examples or screenshots to explain? The logs just show as the sole upstream.


From admin/:


From admin/queries.php?forwarddest=

  • The oldest ones:

  • The newest ones:

Thanks again!

@DL6ER Mind giving this a look DL?


Have been scratching my head.

A reboot fixes it for around a day sometimes less.

Did not happen on 4.3

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This is strange, however, one possible reason could be that we had an issue with forward destinations even causing crashes on Pi-hole around yesterday and the day before. Can you ensure that you are on the most recent version of Pi-hole beta and then check again if this still happens?

I’m asking this as data recorded while the bug was in the code cannot necessarily be trusted so only newly generated queries (and even after ensuring you’re already up-to-date) should be trusted.

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I can confirm i was not on the latest code.

I have been off using the new/CNAME_inspection_details branches

Im currently running the latest since the above is now merged.

I will keep an eye on this!

Thank You!!!

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Hi @DanSchaper and @DL6ER,

From the Web GUI I can see the following info:

  • Pi-hole Version vDev (release/v5.0, v4.3.2-397-g0a70bbd)
  • Web Interface Version vDev (release/v5.0, v4.3.2-393-g843e46d)
  • FTL Version vDev (release/v5.0, vDev-c3ee98b)

I’ve been using this Pi-Hole instance just to test the v5 Beta and I’m updating it almost every day.

PS: I didn’t run pihole -up today.

Again, thank you for your time!

Hi @drewski,

Does the admin/queries.php?forwarddest= for yours ddwrts looks like the ones I shared?

YES however when happening to me I get flooded with PTR requests.

2020-02-12 14:30:00 	PTR	ddwrt	OK (forwarded)

Its almost like somehow i have a loop or something once in awhile.

Could it somehow be when a client drops off unexpectedly and it is being actively looked for?
Example: when my tv/roku powers and the wifi remote is still looking for it?

the client ddwrt is the ( is ddwrt1
they are on separate vlans/subnets one is a guest network isolated other than port 53 to pihole

see to has full abilities to 192.168.2.x not the other way around. dhcp is handled by 192.168.1

Could be as simple as ports for dhcp. I will play around if it happens again.

I have upgraded, flushed logs and restarted the system.

Now it has been running for ~10 hours and no queries other than .local and .arpa have been forwarded to the router, so it seems to be fixed.

Currently versions are:

  • Current Pi-hole version is v4.3.2-399-ge528903
  • Current AdminLTE version is v4.3.2-393-g843e46d
  • Current FTL version is vDev-7ca81e3

Yes I think I’m going to call this solved. :+1:

Been over 24 hours since my last flood.

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