[Resolved ] Whitelisting Appears to be Broken with Dev Branch



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Expected Behaviour:

Domain should not be blocked after adding to whitelist.

Actual Behaviour:

Pi-hole shows the whitelisted domain being blocked for type A requests. Type AAAA requests are not being blocked.

Debug Token:


Doing nslookup maps.googleapis.com gives no results.
Doing nslookup maps.googleapis.com shows proper results


What method are you using to whitelist? CLI or Web. Also are you attempting to use regex and if so is the regex valid?


I used the web interface initially then tried CLI. CLI stated the item was already on the whitelist. I am not using regex.


does running pihole -g resolve the issue ?


pihole -g Did not help.

I just whitelisted another domain using the web interface and it appears to have worked. The domain that I originally open this thread for is still being blocked though.


what does grep maps.googleapis.com /etc/pihole/gravity.list return


No results returned.


ok that means there are no instances of that domain in gravity so it should no longer be blocked so im not sure why you would see any block activity on that domain now


What is the full log output for that request?



Unless I’m doing something wrong, there is no output.

I whitelisted another domain and it worked successfully so I am not sure why this particular domain is being stubborn.


That’s the list of blocked domains. Check /var/log/pihole.log or pihole -t


log file.txt (201.8 KB)

Jun 13 01:55:10 dnsmasq[1124]: 21615 query[A] maps.googleapis.com from
Jun 13 01:55:10 dnsmasq[1124]: 21615 forwarded maps.googleapis.com to
Jun 13 01:55:10 dnsmasq[1124]: 21615 reply maps.googleapis.com is <CNAME>

So maps.googleapis.com is resolved to be a CNAME, that is an alias for another domain. That domain may be blocked.
What is the output of dig maps.googleapis.com


the result from dig was googleapis.l.google.com

I just whitelisted that domain and am successfully able to retrieve information from the domain without being blocked.

Thank you for your help. I’ll remember this information in the future (CNAME and using dig).


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