Replace Broken Banners with a Placeholder

Take for example this website which has all ads successfuly blocked

Can we replace the broken banners with a nice placeholder?

I was thinking about something like this

Pi-hole is a DNS server unlike uBlock or NNScript it doesn’t process anything past the IP a hostname refers to

The general advice for stuff like this is to run a multi layered strategy including both pi-hole and ublock or nnscript

I guess my question was stupid then. Thanks for the info!

Not stupid. and im not a dev so take this with a grain of salt but it may be out of the scope of the project

As technicalpyro points out we can not modify traffic in that way.


nnScript new to me and should that not be noScript.

uBlock Origin can hide content, even if it that content is not blocked.
NoScript is more manual work but let you decide which script are rxecuted but also give you more option for each site. It is very granular, more than they tell on their site. Sadly only available for Firefox compatible browsers.

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