Remaining static ip adress from an uninstalled test pi-hole on debian pc


Before I bought my own raspberry pi on which I installed pi-hole, I first installed it on my debian pc as a test. a static ip address was assigned. that I uninstalled after I got the pi. now that I use the raspberry pi as pi-hole and dhcp server, I have assigned the pc the ip in the dns settings. if i look in the debian network settings there is also assigned. nevertheless in the pi-hole admin interface (on the pi) everything for this pc is still logged under if i ping and I reach both. This is weird… how can i delete this configuration for
I hope I could explain it understandably.


You uninstalled Pi-hole from the debian machine, but can still reach the web interface on that machine? Which IP address does pi.hole resolve to? You many need to manually uninstall lighttpd.


When I type the static ip of the old pi-hole into my browser a place holder page shows up: “You should replace this page with your own web pages as soon as possible. This is a placeholder page installed by the Debian release of the Lighttpd server package.”

Which IP address does pi.hole resolve to?

To the current (right) one.

You many need to manually uninstall lighttpd.

Did that but nothing changed.


That page is probably being served by a different web server (perhaps you also have apache installed?). It is just a file, so you can either ignore it or delete the file (located in /var/www/html/).


ok i deleted that and the placeholder page is gone. but the pihole still loggs my pc under the static ip adress.


What is the issue? You have a web server running on the Debian machine which correctly responds on its IP address, and you have a Pi-hole set up on a Raspberry Pi.


If there is a static IP still assigned within the Debian PC, you would need to release it at that client. The Pi-Hole DHCP can assign an IP, but if the client has a static IP already, the client may end up with two.


But how do i fix that?


Edit /etc/dhcpcd.conf on the Debian PC and remove the static IP information on that interface. After you remove this, reboot the device and it should get the IP from the DHCP server.


Thank you that helped!

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