Reconfigure from Web Interface

Not sure if this is a linux limitation but would it be possible to make some or all of the configuration options from the shell reconfigure process available through the admin web console? i.e. I’ve been playing with pi-hole + openvpn + moving the pi around physically (lan to wlan to tun and vice versa) and it would be awesome to change these configs from the web admin console.

Thanks for reading!

Changing the network interface would change the IP address and make the web admin interface inaccessible.

Understood. I didn’t explain it well I think.

I mean if you change those settings (just like in the reconfig in the shell) would prompt the user that the service would be restarted and a new web session would resume after 30 seconds or what not.

I’d envision to be similar to when you change certain router settings via a router web console.

As for the ip, couldn’t the web interface use the host name?