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Since i havn’t got any answer in the german-board, i will try it here, mabe here are more peoples, who can help me. :slight_smile:Sorry for my poor english, i hope you can understand, what i am trying to say… :joy:

Im a Newbie and have installed the Raspberry and Pi-hole. The DHCP-Server from my ISP-Router doesn’t allow to give any Settings with it (only enable / disable and MAC-based IP reservations). So i want to use the build-in DHCP-Server from Pi-hole.

When i have installed Pi-hole, the Setup toke from the ISP-Router the static-DHCP-Adress IPV4 ( but also a IPV6 Adress (2a02:1205:c694:…), which is not a ULA, right?

If i will enable now the Pi-hole DHCP-Server (and he will provide all my Clients also with ULA IPV6 IPs) is this a Problem, that the Raspberry still have his old IPV6 Adress? Does the Raspberry also need an ULA-Adress?

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The addresses will be handled correctly by the new DHCP server. Just make sure you use the same subnet for the DHCP range and don’t include your Pi-hole’s or router’s IP address in the range.

Raspberry PI korrekte IPV6 hinterlegen

Thanks a lot!

So if i understand you correct, there will be no problem if i keep the Raspberry’s old IPV6 adress. The Raspberry does not need a new ULA-IPV6 adress to work correctly with the Clients.




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