Query Log view >100 Entries or just Blocked entries

I have P–hole running on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and it’s doing great, I just have a couple of questions in relation to the Query Log interface.

  1. Is it possible to filter/view only Blocked entries
  2. Is there a way to view >100 entries (other than selecting all). If I select the show all option I get the processing message for a while then the browser stalls and stops responding (I have tried different browsers too).

Thanks in advance.

Debug Token:slk4i0viox

  1. Not in the current web interface. The upcoming web interface has this capability though (http://web.pi-hole.io/).
  2. You can go to the long term data query log and select a time range. The issue you see is because there are so many queries that the web interface can’t load them all at once. The upcoming web interface should also fix this issue by using server-side pagination and integrating the long term data’s time range selector into a unified query log.

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