Query Log: Copy domains without filtering

I noticed the same problem, trying to copy the domain name from the query log. It's annoying (trying to copy the domain for whois search - using edge and firefox)

This works, but it's still annoying. Should work without changing any settings on the page...

This works but with it enabled normal click and selection interaction works with the other columns in the table which leads me to believe that something is off.

Your right, highlighting is very 'delicate'.
I'm able to highlight all fields without clicking them (even domain) by holding left-click and moving the mouse from right to left and release the button not until I reach the the next column (without highlighting what is in this cell).

But I'm with you: highlighting should not be interpreted as 'click' in the first place.

I don't think there's any way to know if you intend to click or if you intend to highlight. On my Firefox, holding down the ALT key and then selecting something clickable gives me the text, I'm able to copy the middle of URLs that are links and things like that.


This doesn't work on my Linux Mint using Chrome. Holding ALT key I can't select anything....

Also doesn't work with edge.


Would you like to be able to click or to select? It's looking like one or the other. And that will be set for everyone.

Without pushing any preference, clicking the domain name takes you to an overview of all queries for that domain. This looks like something you can already achieve, using the long term data / query log. So if you can copy the domain name from the normal query log, and paste the domain name in the long term data / query log, would this not make everybody happy?
Just a suggestion, choice and decision are not up to me (not the only user)...

Thanks. Disabled the ALT 'move window' assignment. Holding ALT and selecting still doesn't work - it is selected but on mouse button release it is still interpreted as click

I think this would be to much clicking and copying compared to just how you could work around at the moment - just deselect the 'apply filtering' option.

If I really have to decide between being able to click or select I would go for click. There is already a way to select by disabling the filter option and click gives a nice selection without going all the way to long-term database.

Looking at it closer, all three columns that you can click to filter on cannot be highlighted. I expect this is why the apply filtering checkbox is below the table. If I had my personal preference I would have click off by default as I rarely filter but copy domains frequently. My next choice would be for the checkbox and clear button be moved above the table. I think I am just used to filter tables based on drop down select off of column headers which I assume is extremely hard in this case based on the ever changing values for domain and client.

You might support :wink:

This "click on domain to show further information" was a feature request seen somewhat like two years ago. We implemented this because many user wanted it and, so far, everyone seems to have been happy with this. I don't feel very well with the idea of changing this now when it worked like this "forever".

How about the following compromise: Memorize (locally stored in the client browser, just like your preferences for the number of rows to be shown) whether the checkbox is checked or not and always restore the last state?

With this everyone can get a permanent behavior like they want it, even if different behavior is wanted by different people using the same Pi-hole.

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Solomonic solution.

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pihole checkout web tweak/remember_filtering_chkbox

Note: You may need to force-refresh the page before this works (Ctrl + F5).

I was going to try it but it looks like it was already merged. Appears to be working flawlessly on the instance I just updated.