Query list fixes

Hello, as a result of a thread regarding a bug I opened, I ran into some things that are let's say not 100% optimized.

The first is when sorting by status, not all statuses are grouped in the same area, for example:
the blocked red lines, some would appear on the top, while some (mostly ones that are blocked by your DNS, or other reason) would appear on the bottom.

The second issue is the query list does not remember the sorting or the number of queries to list, nor does it have such a feature to allow saving. now I see the logic in not saving the number of queries displayed, for lower-end devices that showed 100 by accident and now would be stuck out of the query list or get their machine clogged up.
but this could be solved by adding a setting for saving the amount, that way even if you did save the wrong amount, you can just clear the checkbox and be ok.

Thanks and have a great day!

The reason is that internally the status is a number and not a text. Some "block reasons" have low numbers and some (later added) have high numbers. Non-blocked status have numbers are in the middle - that's why the sorting does not seem logical

ok, can it be sorted by text color then? or does it need a new var to be sorted by?

I'm not sure about that. If it would be sorted by color (right now), it might mix "Blocked by gravity" and "Blocked by regex", etc.
I think it would need a re-arrangement of the internal "numbers" (and their interpretation) - but this is a major undertaking as it has to be changed in the web interface, the documentation, the databases and the core DNS engine. That's the result of an always improved and grown product - at some point you reach a status quo that is hard to change and might would be constructed differently if made up from scratch now.

so bureaucracy is preventing adding another value with a group identifier so blocked and allowed would be sorted together if I understand you correctly.

You don't understand him correctly. It's more than a trivial change. If you would like to make the required changes and submit as a pull request, that's something we can work with.