Query filter total domain hit condensed list suggestion

First off thanks for creating an awesome tool. Been using Pi-Hole off and on for sometime and just recently have the latest v5 running.

I have a small suggestion for the query log;

As well as showing how many times the same one domain has been queried in the list individually, I think it would nice to see in a condensed manner how many times in total a specific domain has been queried in set timeframe.

E.g. rather than the conventional https://i.imgur.com/ciVdbO7.png listing, have an option that condenses how many times in total that specific domain has been hit, where if clicked on more specific details will show up, kind of like this. https://i.imgur.com/6vi79wm.png

This allows for an easier way to distinguish top hitting domains that are interesting to look into.

Closing in favor of

as it requests the same: deduped Query log.