Provide MAC address as option for Per-client blocking

Under "Network" PiHole display the MAC address for every device it found.

Now it would be a lot more easy if we can use the MAC address in group management for adding new clients too.

If network use IPv6, PiHole list every one (correctly) in the "Network" overview but also under management too which create a long list and create problems if only the IPv4 address is added.
Using the MAC address from a device would solve that and is more persistent as IPv4 and IPv6

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Moin zusammen wollte das Thema nochmal aufgreifen und bitte um Verständnis.
Wieso kann nicht die MAC Adresse als Erkennungsmerkmal genutzt werden? Eventuell kann man doch so die Problematik mit IPv4 o. IPv6 besser filtern bzw. Geräte im Netzwerk erkennen?

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Implemented with # Pi-hole Core/Web v5.2 and FTL v5.3 released!