Privacy Mode (anonymize logs)



It would be nice to have an option (privacy mode) to anonymize the logs/dashboard for privacy purposes, while maintaining the function of not-affected graphs (e.g. percentage of requests blocked).
If you are living together with other persons you may not want to know what/where they surf.

What I still want:

  • Statistics
  • Queries over time graph
  • White- & Blacklist
  • Top Advertisers
  • Top Clients

What I don’t want anymore:

  • Top Domains
  • Query Log
    (edited based on the comment of DL6ER)

Additionally it would be nice to have an option for every point to toggle these things one at a time on/off.

Just found this, so it seems like other users got a similar idea.


I had my router pointing to pihole and all clients pointing to the router dns. That way all requests are coming from the router so you don’t know who is searching what.

I may go back to this but need to fine tune pihole.


I have the same setup to resolve local hostnames, but still you see the domains which got requested. So it is not fully anonymous (based on the time I can draw a lot of conclusions which user visited a specific webpage).
I don’t wanna know that someone visited cornhub and even more I don’t want to know it if I know that only one person (+ me) is at home.


Just to get this right: Your request is something like a “privacy mode”.

What you still want:

  • Statistics
  • Queries over time graph
  • Top Clients
  • Top Advertisers (?)
  • White- & Blacklist

What you don’t want anymore:

  • Top Domains
  • Top Advertisers (?)
  • Query Log


Basically you are right.
It would be perfect if there would be advanced options to remain some things like Top Advertisers, which don’t invade the users privacy.
Aditionally Top Clients don’'t matter for me, because I route all traffic via my router and therefore the top client is my router.


This feature request has 3 votes and should be considered in the near future (most likely I will do it).

I edited my list above, because Top Clients has no privacy issue (you only see that they do much, but not what they are doing). In the next version you won’t have to route the traffic through the router to the Pi-hole, since you will be able to change settings such that it will forward your local requests to your router (when you set it as one of the upstream DNS servers.)




Has been implemented and will be included in the next release.


This has been implemented on 2.11 Core and 2.3 Web.