Prime Video not working on Bravia Smart TV


Trying to use Amazon Prime video on my Sony Bravia TV and it times out and I get a “Cannot reach the servers” error.
Using the Prime Video android app works just fine.
I have tailed the log and don’t see any queries to any Amazon domain?
Any tips or experience with this?



The traffic might not be coming from an Amazon domain. Look carefully at all DNS requests for that device and selectively whitelist until the device is able to connect.



yeah I did try this.
should have mentioned, apologies
The TV seems to make requests to the PlayStation network pretty often, and to be honest it makes that many other requests its really tough to keep up.
I guess its a trial and error game.

I was hoping someone else had had the same problem, and found the correct domain to whitelist!



Instead of tailing the log, let it run for a while then copy the pihole log to a text editor and then sort/search for terms. This will help you sort through the requests to find something of interest.