Prevent logging of certain domains


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Hi there,

is it possible to exclude some domains from top domains statistic on the web admin interface?

There are a couple of domains I’m not interested in (syncing services, iCloud, time servers etc…) that due to them being called very often show up at the top of the list.



This would be a very nice addition. Like the person who opened the issue on github I really want some queries not in the statistics. Now my statistics are kind of rigged because of services like syncthing.


Have a look at this pull request:

This will not prevent loging the domains but it will exclude them from being displayed in the results of the API and hence on the web UI.


Short question because I don’t know how it works: I see that your idea got merged. When will it arrive as an update? As I understand now it still is in some kind of development(?) branch?


You are right, it is currently on the development branch. It is called like that, because we - the developers - use this branch to test new features (which sometimes can break other features).
We are currently preparing an update for all users that will ship this feature (among many others!). I cannot tell you when it is available, since we are currently thoroughly testing everything. But expect it to be available soon.


This has been implemented in 2.0.


Thanks for your work!

There is one thing which is seems weird to me. After I set up domains which shouldn’t show in the statistics, the overall count on the top of the page (green ‘DNS queries today’) still shows them or at least I think it does because otherwise the number would be a lot smaller.


Hmm that’s a good point and I’m not sure we accounted for that. @DL6ER may be able to answer that.


Yeah, it does exactly what is written on the settings page - not more and not less :wink:

DNS queries today shows also exactly that. Not something like DNS queries today after filtering.


Thanks for the explanation. Still I think it’s a bit weird. I want to filter domains because they distort the ‘real’ usage. Maybe it’s possible to exclude them as well?

Show DNS Queries after filtering

We also don’t exclude them in the percentages in the table as you might have seen (because the other domains still account for a low percentage of the total queries). Currently, excluding them in more places would make it much slower (we only count for query now and do not process them further as would be required for such an advanced filtering).

I’d say deeper filtering is out of scope right now and might get feasible only when we have the database backend installed