Pointing Domain to pihole

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Expected Behaviour:


I am trying to point a domain name to my pihole ip address maquine, as it is already running in port 80.
When I pointed 1 I got this page:

Actual Behaviour:

At least I was expecting to receive this other page, as when trying to access the same way but instead of using a domain, just using the direct ip:


Debug Token:


Can anyone help me please?

Kind regards



Kind regards

You should try pihole.██████.tk/admin

Please have some patience, we try and get to all requests for help as we can… but sometimes it is not possible to respond immediately :slight_smile:


Yes, with /admin is working as expected, but I was expecting a different page as I wrote on my initial question.
I was wondering why the website blocking page was poping up.

Kind regards


Sorry for the push. Do you have any clue on why it is hapenning?

Kind regards

The web admin is set up to redirect automatically to /admin from either:

http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your IP) or http://pi.hole

(At least, as far as my memory serves me! @Mcat12 might want to confirm…)

If it does bot

We do not support custom hostnames for a base redirect, so you will need to enter /admin manually (or bookmark it!)

The redirect from / to /admin only happens for pi.hole. Going via IP address will bring you to the page you show under “Actual Behaviour”. Going via other domains will assume that the domain was blocked and will show the block page.


Understood, but why will it assume that the domain was blocked, if in really it was not?

Kind regards

It assumes the domain is blocked if it is not pi.hole or an IP address. You can add a custom domain which will avoid the block page by setting the VIRTUAL_HOST PHP env variable.

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