PiHole works fine but no access to GUI (problems with webservers)

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Expected Behaviour:

Pihole working fine and accessing GUI ok

Actual Behaviour:

I got a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in the browser. Trying to figure out with webservers and both (apache2 and lighttpd) are not working.

Debug Token:


Apache and lighttpd will not be able to run at the same time on the same port. If they are both trying to start, one will fail.

Please repair pihole with pihole -r and then upload a new debug log and post the new token.

I just removed apache2. here you have https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/8j4jg0wg8e


Did you repair the install?

yes I did

Any ideas guys?

Please send us a fresh debug token.

here you have, thx!

There are packages missing for lighttpd. Try pihole -r and reinstall.

Already did…nothing changed. :cry:

Try running the curl | bash install again.

I had already done previously but didn’t work…

I had already done previously but didn’t work

Then I have no other suggestions.

Anyone else have other ideas? https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/7ci4cf0jxc

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