Pihole with Unbound > Stubby > Cloudfare


I am thinking about setting up Pihole to upstream to Unbound which forwards to Stubby for TLS and Stubby fowards request onto Cloudfared?

Am I getting any privacy out of this or is it just a redundant process and adds no added benefit and I should just go with Pihole and Unbound?


IMO, it's either or. Use unbound OR use stubby/cloudflare(or your upstream of choice) OR cloudflared. Basically 3 separate things. I used to use stubby/cloudflare and then I moved to unbound.

Thanks, but does unbound do TLS encryption? Stubby seems to do it

None of the root servers (nor zone servers really) know how to speak anything encrypted.

Unbound can do TLS encryption, communicating with an upstream recursive resolver that can accept incoming encrypted port 853 traffic.

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