Pihole with KVM for backup?

Note sure if this is the right place to ask, but I've got a pihole doing DHCP for my network and running on a minipc under Ubuntu. The machine also has a VPN and a NAS config (md RAID of a bunch of external drives). All works fine, but it was a bit time consuming to set up.

I'm worried that if one day the machine blows, re-configuring it all on a new box will be a big hassle.

But if I turned the machine into a KVM host and put all the stuff I have now on an Ubuntu guest, I could just have an image of all that to restore to a replacement host in the event of fail.

Or would there in fact be some impracticality in that? I feel maybe the networking bit might be tricky.

Ive got a similar setup, 1 pihole as docker container and 1 in a KVM in a CentOS based VM. I've configured the network as bridge to avoid NAT. Works like a Charm. And after I disabled the FTL mac address cache db, answer time is on both the same around 2-4ms.

Thanks. When you say 1 pihole as docker container and 1 in a KVM, do you mean you have two piholes on your network? If so then at least I know pihole in a KVM works.

Yes correct, I've configured 2 DNS IPs in my dhcp servers and clients use both. There is also always one available if I update the other.

Ah, interesting! I was reading about that, but it seems a little tricky. I did once have a problem with the machine not wanting to reboot so I had to fiddle with things while everyone in the house screamed at me. But it was just that one time.

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