Pihole with DHCP - wifi drops and connects every 5 minutes

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I have pihole (DHCP enabled) in my raspberry Pi. In my Macbook, I have IPV6 disabled and I use VPN as and when needed. When I use the router’s default DHCP, VPN connection stays until I disconnect. When using pihole’s dhcp, VPN disconnects every 5 minutes and reconnects. With tcpdump, I see a correlation between Macbook’s DHCPRequest to Pihole’s DHCP server and VPN connection drop. In Pihole DHCP server, my lease time configuration is 168 hours.

Expected Behaviour:

[VPN should not disconnect]

Actual Behaviour:

[Every 5 minutes VPN disconnects and reconnects]

Debug Token:


Update: It is not actually VPN issue. Wifi drops and connects every five minutes in my Macbook. This happens only when I use Pihole DHCP. I wanted to rule out any IPV6 related configurations. I have disabled IPV6 in both raspberry pi and pihole DHCP and didn’t change the issue behaviour.

Let’s check what your DHCP server is actually offering as lease time by running the following command from a client:

sudo nmap --script broadcast-dhcp-discover