Pihole -up failing upgrade from pi-hole v5.15.5 to v5.16

I am using:
Raspberry Pi OS Lite
standard Pi-hole
Raspberry Pi 2 hardware

$ uname -a
Linux pihole 5.10.103-v7+ #1529 SMP Tue Mar 8 12:21:37 GMT 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux

I saw that there was a new version of pi.hole software available, so I tried to upgrade using:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
pihole -up

Expected Behaviour:

The upgrade should have run through to completion.

Actual Behaviour:

The first "pihole -up" attempt failed with:

  [i] Performing unattended setup, no dialogs will be displayed
/etc/.pihole/automated install/basic-install.sh: line 2616: getVal: command not found

Sometimes I have seen a glitch in a download and a second attempt recovers. The second "pihole -up" attempt failed with:

  [✗] Retrieval of supported OS list failed. dig failed with return code 10. 
      Unable to determine if the detected OS (Raspbian 10) is supported
      Possible causes for this include:
        - Firewall blocking certain DNS lookups from Pi-hole device
        - ns1.pi-hole.net being blocked (required to obtain TXT record from versions.pi-hole.net containing supported operating systems)
        - Other internet connectivity issues
           If you are seeing this message after having run pihole -up:
             sudo PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true pihole -r
           (In this case, your previous run of pihole -up will have already updated the local repository)

Finally the "sudo PIHOLE_SKIP_OS_CHECK=true pihole -r" attempt failed with:

  [i] Repair option selected
/etc/.pihole/automated install/basic-install.sh: line 2616: getVal: command not found

At this point the pihole is working properly, but I do not want to attempt another install until the getVal issue is fixed.

Debug Token:


This is fixed already, Please run the update again (v5.16.1. should be available).

It's fixed.

Lapped by both another bug report and the fix.

I have confirmed that the new version is running properly here.

Pi-hole v5.16.1
FTL v5.22
Web Interface v5.19

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