Pihole slows down after few hours of uptime

Expected Behaviour:

Pihole is DNS for the network, address resolution is fast and not slower with public dns

Actual Behaviour:

After rebooting everything works fine, but after 3-4 hours resolution becomes unreliable and very slow. We're talking about 5-10 seconds to enter a webpage (just the address resolution)
I am running orangepi zero3 Ubuntu 22.04 Kernel 6.1. It happens both on stable 5.2x version and the new 6 beta.

Debug Token:


Your debug log shows a bunch of malformed or unauthenticated attempts to access Pi-hole's API, e.g.:

2024-05-28 08:30:44.276 [1655/T6546] WARNING: API: Bad request (The API is hosted at pi.hole/api, not pi.hole/admin/api)

Are you perhaps running some third-party software that would try to access Pi-hole's API?

I am running pivpn. On the network I have a Linksys router (forwards almost all dns requests), but apart from that it's a pretty clean install. I ended up reinstalling the OS, but still with pihole opening webpages takes way too long

This is quite obviously not what is happening. The debug log already expired so I cannot check which upstream servers you are using.

My first suggestion would be to run

sudo pihole-FTL --config debug.queries true

and then check the (verbose) log file /var/log/pihole/FTL.log which will give you log entries with millisecond accuracy. This should be very helpful in identifying which part of DNS resolution takes so long. We can go on from this if you have a few lines you can quote. You are free to obfuscate internatl IP addresses, etc., but just make clear what you removed and where so we are not making false assumptions because of this manual editing of the log.

Here is my new log

I am having troubles with running provided command
pihole-FTL: invalid option -- '--config'
Command: 'pihole-FTL --config debug.queries true'

Also what is weird,
PiHole breaks my whole network EVEN if it not the network's DNS server.
The address resolution becomes slow but Speedtest (if it loads) shows good Speed.

As you posted this in the Beta V6 0 channel, I was assuming you are still running v6 but your new debug log shows that this is a v5 Pi-hole. Please switch back to using the v6, it'll be easier to fix the issue here

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