Pihole Resolution seems a bit slow (using with unbound)

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*If you are Experiencing issues with a Pi-hole install that has non-standard elements (e.g you are using nginx instead of lighttpd, or there is some other aspect of your install that is customised) - I am using Pi-hole as recursive DNS server with unbound.

Expected Behaviour:

DNS resolutions to occur without timing out when accessing a new non-cached page. Joining a discord voice channel/streams without it taking long,

Actual Behaviour:

I notice timeouts at times when accessing google.com etc. Joining a discord voice channel or stream some times a bit longer for it connect (im guessing due to DNS timing out and retrying).

Debug Token:


Please let me know what else i can offer as information. Im currently stuck and not sure what could be causing the issue.

Same here. Even this domain (pihole.net) times out now. For me this started right after the last update. Also all my connections to my two computers in the pihole DHCP server are weird. I cannot connect to one from the other over ssh, the connection is being refused, but if I use its hostname, the connection works but resolves over IPv6. But if I try it backwards, both IPv4 and hostname ssh connections are refused. Also, I can’t access the raspberry using its hostname, only through IPv4 address. I have 2 DHCP reservations active for my two other computers on the raspberry’s pihole DHCP server.

This is my config:

Shitty ONT from my ISP that does not have a bridge mode :arrow_right: unmanaged switch :arrow_right: pihole with DHCP and unbound dns

The shitty ONT has its DHCP server on but set to only be one address: the raspberry’s. It is also set to use as its DNS the raspberry’s address.

The ssh refusals happen whether I have unbound active or not. Oh and also both computers have their firewalls deactivated.

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