Pihole + OpenVPN = No DNS on pihole host

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Expected Behaviour:

After installing Pi-Hole + OpenVPN, the localhost should be able to resolve address

Actual Behaviour:

No name resolution after installation of OpenVPN, other machine in the network works fine

Debug Token:


Additional note: I can’t even upload the debug token without editing /etc/resolv.conf to Default is

Also, I did check the “Listen on all interface, permit all origin” in Pi-hole dashboard too.

Update, suddenly my other machines within the network was unable to resolve DNS either.

Another debug if it helps: 97sxger8ne

Looks like you don’t have anything listening for DNS requests:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Ports in use
[*:80] is in use by lighttpd
[*:80] is in use by lighttpd
*:22 sshd (IPv4)
*:22 sshd (IPv6)

What’s the output of:

sudo systemctl status --full --no-pager pihole-FTL.service

Argh, I have reformat my Pi and reinstall everything.

Seems like working fine so far. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

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