PiHole Not blocking ads on android or over ipv6

Hello All,
Ive setup pihole on my raspberry pi 4 and it was working great until two weeks ago.
I got a new moto G8 android phone and it doesnt seem to block ads.
I also had an issue with my pc but disabling ipv6 in the network adapter fixed that issue. On my android i see that the DNS server info has an ipv6 and the ip of the pi itself there.
I am unable to access the admin dashboard via pi.hole/admin on my phone and get a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error.
I set dhcp on my router to off and have the pihole set as dhcp server.
Ive updated to pihole V5 and uninstalled and reinstalled pihole and also reran the setup (disabling ipv6 but reenabled it later on).
Does anyone have an idea where i can begin to look.
Ive uploaded the debug log here


Look in the DNS settings on your Android device. It is likely the device is not using Pi-hole for DNS, either due to an alternate IPv6 DNS server available, or perhaps the device has hard coded DNS in effect.

I have checked the dns settings and i see the ip for my pihole as second in the list and what looks like an ipv6 mac adress as first. I also set private dns to off in network settings.
I tried setting static info in my wifi connection but that didnt alter anything.

The DNS queries are going to the IPv6 address, and I suspect that is not the IPv6 address of the Pi-hole.