Pihole not blocking ads in Macos12 Beta /ios15 beta . Apple private relay causing issues

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Expected Behaviour:

Pihole has blocking the ads on Apple devices
-pi hole server operating system : Ubuntu 18

  • client operating systems: ios 15, Macos Monterey 12 Beta
    -hardware : amd64

Actual Behaviour:

Seeing the ads show up . My suspicion is Apple Private relay is causing it . Apple clients are completely bypasing Pihole even though I hardcoded the Pihole DNS server and using Apple / Cloudflare dns which are serving ads on all the websites. I know this might not be a pihole issue but still Apple as well as Google are going to roll out privacy features which forces client devices to use their DNS servers instead of user specified DNS servers like PIhole

Debug Token:


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It is. Private relay is a form of VPN, and when you use this DNS traffic bypasses Pi-hole. Disable this feature and Pi-hole will receive DNS traffice from these devices.


Same behaviour over here… updated pihole and iPadOS 15 beta

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